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By Michael Patino on 2014-09-30 18:07:16 -

ESD Personnel grounding

People remain as the main culprit contributing the most in destroying the sensitive electronic chips used in electronic equipments and gadgets. Because of this reason, ESD Association established an ANSI/ESD S20.20 standard to provide guidelines to organizations across the globe on the protection of their ESD sensitive items from ESD damage greater than or equal to 100 Volts Human Body Model (HBM).

When a person walks, electrostatic charges continuously build up on the person body through the contact and separation process that takes place between the person’s shoe sole and the flooring material.

The electrostatic charges start to discharge from the person when he touches a conductive material. That explains the reason why a person would feel a jolt when he touches a conductive door knob in a cold and dry weather. Static jolt is felt when static electricity of at least 3000 Volt build up in a person body. But a mere 10 Volts can kill a Tunneling Magnetoresistive head(TMR)straight away without the
person knowledge.

In any organization, ESD personnel grounding are given the most attention.

There are common ways where ESD personnel grounding are controlled:

  • Wearing an ESD wrist strap
  • Wearing an ESD shoes
  • Using ESD floor mats
  • Using ionizing equipment


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