What Static Control Matting Should I Use?

By Michael Patino on 2010-05-21 02:16:09 -

In static control applications, matting is used for two main purposes.

  1. Cushioning for physical protection
  2. To dissipate the static charge in a controlled manner

You will see two main types of mat in the marketplace to address these concerns:

Vinyl Layerd Mat - This mat is typically the most economical and can be purchased as two or three layer mat.  two layer vinyl mat

  • The top layer is a durable static dissipative vinyl.
  • The middle layer on three layer product is a conductive layer that will draw the discharge from surface to the ground point. 
  • The bottom layer is generally a foam layer that will be either dissipative or insulative as is required to meet your work station specification.

Vinyl mats are available in several colors generally blue, gray, brown & green.  They can be purchased as pre-cut mats with snaps and ground cords or in full roll by desired width.

Rubber Mat - This mat is ideal for work areas where hot solder or heat are present. It is resistant to oil, grease and the most common solvents.

  • The top mat layer is of static dissipative rubberDissipative 2-layer rubber mat
  • The lower mat layer is of conductive rubber

The low out gassing of rubber mat makes this ideal for clean room applications.  Rubber mat is available in cut sizes, with snap and ground cord. Full rolls are available in selected widths. Rubber mats are available in blue, gray & green.