Choosing the Right Mat Material

By Michael Patino on 2007-09-10 17:10:40 -

As a continuation of last weeks post, I will continue on the different characteristics that you should look for in a mat for your ESD application to ensure that you are running workstation that is up to ESD standards.

Mat Usage

Mats are generally divided into table and floor usage categories. Some mats are advertised as useable in either place. 

However, these mats are a compromise and lack features of dedicated mats.

Table Mats:

  • Use light colors to make finding small parts easier.
  • Have smooth or lightly embossed surfaces.
  • Are usually thinner then floor mats.
  • Are suitable for special purposes.

 Floor Mats:

  • Use dark colors to hide dirt.
  • Have heavy embossing or grooves to improve traction.
  • Are usually thicker then table mats to absorb more wear.
  • Are available in anti-fatigue style to reduce stress.

For further information on mat usage or any other information regarding this topic please check back every week for further posts, or view the SCC's Technical Bulletin Posts.