Choosing the Right Mat Material, Part 3

By Michael Patino on 2007-08-10 16:42:03 -

As a continuation of last weeks post, I will continue on the different characteristics that you should look for in a mat for your ESD application to ensure that you are running workstation that is up to ESD standards.

Mat Materials
A mat's performance is based on the material that is used to make it. Performance includes electrical values, tolerance to heat, chemicals,mechanical abrasion, and cost.

There are two materials that are used to make these mats, they are:

Vinyl is the plastic most widely used to make mats.  The material is cost effective, easy to render static dissipative, takes color well, and remains pliable and easy to cut and shape.

Rubber is being used in situations that require high resistance to heat and chemicals.  Only recently has this material been available at a low enough cost to make it a consideration.

For further information on the electrical properties of mats or any other information regarding this topic please check back every week for further posts, or view the SCC's Technical Bulletin Posts.