Deluxe Green, Lead-Free Mat

Item Number: Deluxe Green Lead Free Mat Catalog Image

Indoff's Botron deluxe lead free mat has .080 thickness.
This premium, green lead free, 2-Layer work area  rubber mat will not burn and is chemical resistant. The green color lets people know that the area is Lead-Free.

This lead-free mat provides and excellent static safe dissipative work area, It exceed both EOS/ESD and Department of Defense requirements.

Available in full rolls.  Cut mats include ground cord & snap.



Please contact Indoff for further information on this and other workstation mats available.


Dissipative Vinyl 3-Layer Type Z Table Mat

Item Number: B4100 Series Mat Catalog Image

Botron offers this Dissipative vinyl 3-layer type Z table mat which has a dissipative foam backing, and is .120" thick.

Each cut mat comes with a 10' common point ground cord.
Other sizes available, also available in gray at slightly higher price.
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Special pricing is available for large orders, please call Indoff for more details.

Dissipative 2- Layer Rubber Type -T2 Table Mat

Item Number: 2-Layer Rubber Table Mat Catalog Image

Botron Dissipative 2-Layer Rubber type-T2 table mat. Mat made of durable rubber material. Reversible. Dissipative on one side, conductive on the other side. Cut mats include ground snap and cord.

Grounding hardware is not included with rolls.

Please contact Indoff for further information on this and other Botron products.



Dissipative Solid Vinyl Table Mat

Item Number: Solid Vinyl Table Mat Catalog Image

Dissipative Solid Vinyl Anti Static Mat

Features: Type B+ durable solid vinyl table mat is .090″ thick. 50′ long rolls are available in widths of 2′, 30″, 3′ and 4′. Also in many pre cut sizes with grounding hardware and common point ground. Light Blue, Brown and Beige colors. Meets EOS/ESD standards.

Grounding hardware is not included with rolls.

Also available in other colors, please contact Indoff for further information on this and other Botron products.



Premium-3 Layer Vinyl Mat

Item Number: TM301200L3BL Catalog Image

A long time industry favorit, this three layer vinyl material provides excellent electrical properties. The top layer is tough, easy to clean dissipative vinyl. The center Layer, a highly conductive metal scrim, moves the charge from the surface to the ground quickly. The bottom layer is a durable, non-skid, cushion of dissipative foam. Compatible with Constant Monitors. Available in rolls, mats and mats with ground cord.

Meets the requirements of ESD standard 4.1, ESD standard 20.20, EIA 625, MILI-HDBK-263, and MIL-STD-1686.

Resistance to Ground Point (RTG) 107 Ohms

Resistance Top to Top (RTT) 107 Ohms

Thickness: .125 Inches


Rubber & Vinyl Mat Cleaner

Item Number: Rubber & Vinyl Mat Cleaner Catalog Image
Botron Static Dissipative Rubber and Vinyl mat cleaner B8018 is designed and formulated to clean surfaces of table mats ensures that all insulative dirt and other contaminants are removed.

Botron offers two sizes 6oz and one quart spry bottles. Cleanstat Rubber and Vinyl mat cleaner will not streak is quick drying Non-aerosol static dissipative surface cleaner. Unlike other mat cleaner on the market that do not do a good job cleaning rubber table mats Botron mat cleaner out performs them all. DOES NOT CONTAIN SILICONES

Please contact Indoff for further information on this and other Botron Mat and Floor cleaning products.

Conductive Containers and Bins

Item Number: Containers and Bins

                     Conductive Bins

Plastic bins    Cardboard bins    Fiberglass bins

           Plastic                             Cardboard                  Fiberglass


Shoe Cleaner (Heavy Duty)

Item Number: 2010sc Catalog Image

The automatic sensor unit activates the shoe brush machine with the foot is placed in the opening. The unit incorporates a 99.99% efficient HEPA filter exhaust system that prevents particles from reentering the surrounding area and captures heavy contaminants in a convenient pull out drawer.

The unit is self contained with a built in vacuum system; a timing belt drive between the gear motor and bottom brush assembly.

- Totally enclosed fan cooled gear motor
- Round belt drive for the top brush
- Four motor driven brushes
- Floating, weight loaded, top brush
- Stainless steel base plate
- Dirty HEPA filter warning light
- Positive, easily adjustable time belt tension
- Easily removable dust drawer and contamination bag
- Easily removable filter
- Heavy duty construction
- Operating noise with blower, vacuum and gear motor is 55 dba
- Water resistant
- 7’ power cord
- 120v/60HZ
- 18 ½” x 28” x 39”
- 135 lbs. Ship weight

The 2010 SC unit comes with a special energy conserving switch that activates the unit. The motor shuts off automatically when the foot is removed from the unit. No other shoe cleaning machine available offer such power, cleaning ability and convenience.

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All-In-One Portable Tacky Mat

Item Number: 10-2100 Catalog Image

Liberty offers a portable entrance mat designed to remove small dirt particles and dust from shoes. When the top sheet is dirty, simply peel off and throw away. Refills are easy to install and available in 60 sheets. Frame and mat have a total thickness of 1/4". Frame is constructed of ehite hi-impact polystyrene w/ a non slip backing adhered to the back of the frame. This makes it easy to use the product in and application and can easily be picked up and moved. The mat size is 24"x30".

Replacement Sheets also available on this site.


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Tacky Mat

Item Number: 800030FW Catalog Image

Get maximum protection with the Tacky Mat for foot borne contamination. Each sheet has a strong adhesive coating that removes dirt on contact. The 10-7005 provides the most economical way to meet cleanroom needs.

Several years ago, Eastman-Kodak performed a study on the efficacy of Tacky Mats® and found that a person stepping one time on a Tacky Mat® will remove approximately 55% of the friable, or potentially airborne, particulates from the bottom of the shoe. If the individual steps on the Tacky Mat® five times, as much as 95% of the friable particulate will be removed.

This product protects sanitary conditions in cleanroom areas. Each mat consists of 30 disposable sheets. When the top sheet becomes soiled, simply peel off to expose a new, clean surface. Tacky Mat® installs in seconds and can last up to weeks at a time depending on the amount of traffic. No frame is required; adhesive strips stick or full width backing adhere the Tacky Mat® in place on the floor.

Tacky Mats® are specified in a variety of applications, including semiconductors, nuclear, pharmaceutical, electronic devices, computer, aerospace, biotechnology, laser optics, medical devices, plastic/rubber, automotive, defense contractors, food processing, biologicals, university laboratories and hospitals.

Tacky Mats® are available in a variety of sizes (up to 3' x 5') and colors. Mats may be either 30 sheets per mat or 60 sheets per mat and are shipped as either 120 or 240 sheets per case.

Tacky Mat® is a registered trademark of LIBERTY INDUSTRIES.

Other sizes and colors available, please contact Indoff for further information on this other clean room products.