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DC Alarm Relay Module

Item Number: EHSL124 DC Alarm Relay Module Catalog Image
DC Alarm Relay Module, 9-ft. cable for Extech RH520 series

AC Adapter for Extech EH520 series

Item Number: EH147230 AC Adapter Catalog Image
220 VAC adapter to be used with EXTECH RH520 series Teperature/Humidity Monitor

Anti-Static Trash Can Liner for #5075 Dissipative Waste Basket

Item Number: 5076 Catalog Image

Anti-static or Condauctive Trash Can Liner
For use with # 5075 ESD Dissipative Waste Basket, Trash Can Liners are perfect for static sensitive areas where electrostatic contamination is a problem.

Description: Pink Tinted antistatic polyethylene 1.5 ml or Black Conductive
Performance: Surface Resistivity:  < 1012 Ohms/Sq.  ASTM-D-257
                      Static Decay Rate: 5 KV-0 Volts < 2 Seconds *
* per Mil-B-81705B Type II-Fed. Test Method 101C Method 4046
Size: 24" x 34" (50 per case)

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ESD Static Dissipative Waste Basket

Item Number: 5075 Catalog Image

High Impact, Non-Black Wastepaper Basket That Helps You Control Static!

11 gallon capacity

This high density polyethylene container does not contain carbon, dyes or additives, making it ideal for all applications demanding cleanliness. The trash barrel will not tribogenerate, and will dissipate static electricity. The container measures 108 - 1012 ohms for surface resistance. The ESD Static Dissipative Waste Basket is ideal for cleanroom, manufacturing, inspection, quality control and research industries. Illustration shows available 5076 liners.

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Item Number: B8563 Catalog Image

The Botron Auditing Test Kits come with all components needed to make tests on all surfaces accurate and simple.  All components are packaged in a high quality die cut foam lined case.  The B8563 Auditing Test Kits comply with the intent of ANSI/ESD Standard 4.1 for work surfaces and standard 7.1 floor materials.  The auditing meter tests surface to surface and surface to ground at 10 volts and 100 volts.  Two 5 lbs. weights, test leads, and cases are included.  Color-coded and number scales for easy verification of any surface.

Please contact Indoff for further information on this and other Botron Test Equipment products.


Polypropylene Conductive Shelf Bins

Item Number: Quantum Conductive Shelf Bin Catalog Image

QSB 100/101- 36 per carton

QSB 102 - 30 per carton

QSB 103/104/107- 20 per carton

QSB 105 - 16 per carton

QSB 108- 10 per carton

QSB 106/109/110- 8 per carton

QSB 114/116- 6 per carton

These molded, carbon filled, copolymer polypropylene bins made by Quantum Storage Systems will protect your electrical components from typical electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electrostatic or induced fields. Surface resistivity is <105 Ohms per square.

Performance unaffected by washing with normal cleaners. Dividers are also available. Please order in carton quantities.

Available in 12", 18" & 24" depths. 

Conductive dividers are available for most sizes.

A $7.50 Broken Case Charge will apply for each less than full case quantity.

Special discounts available for full pallet quantities.

Please contact Indoff for further information on this and other conductive bin products.

F.o.b. FL


Intermetro Stacking Bins

Item Number: Intermetro Stacking Bins Catalog Image
Intermetro stacking bins are injection molded from polypropylene base resins in static dissipative blue Benstat (BAS), or black conductive Bentron (CAS) compounds. All sizes have an open hopper front for easy access to contents and a slot on the back for use on bin holder bars.


Carton Quantity

Item No. Benstat Blue

Item No. Bentron Black

7 3/8 x 4 1/8 x 3




10 7/8 x 5 ? x 5




14 ? x 8 ? x 7




14 ? x 16 ? x 7




8 x 3 ? x 4 1/8




An additional $7.50 broken case fee will apply per each broken case in order.

Please call Indoff for further information on these and other Intermetro ESD products.

Conductive Divider for Quantum Conductive Shelf Bins

Item Number: Quantum Conductive Divider for Shelf Bin

Divider for Shelf Bin (DSB) numbers coincide with the Conductive shelf bin that you are using.

DSB Conductive Dividers are manufactured by Quantum Storage Systems for most of their Conductive Shelf Bin sizes.

There is no divider available for the QSB100CO shelf bin.

Dividers are sold 50 per package.  Less than package quantities are not available at these prices.

Contact Indoff for special quantity requirements. fob FL


Clear Conductive Label Holder for Quantum Dividable Grid Container

Item Number: Quantum Conductive Label Holder for DG Container Catalog Image

Clear Label Holders for Conductive Dividable Grid Containers by Quantum Storage Systems

Available in three sizes. Six pieces per pack.

Refer to the table below to determine the compatable lable holder for your dividable grid container.

Part Number     Dividable Grid Container Part #

LBL2x8CO          91035/92035/93030

LBL3x5CO          91050/92060/93060

LBL5x8CO          92080/93080/93120

A Broken Case Charge of $7.50 per part number applies for less than package quantities.  fob FL


Lead Free Tape

Item Number: 1600GS Lead Free Tape Catalog Image

Lead Free Green Tape

Features: Easy to identify ESD safe cellulose tape. Available on 3″ cores in widths of 1/2″(72 per case), 3/4″(48 per case) and 1″(36 per case) 72 YDS long. Clear with green stripes helps alert employees the contents are Lead-free.

Sold in cases,priced per roll.

Please contact Indoff for further information on this and other Lead Free products.