Replacement Sheets for Portable Tacky Mat

Item Number: 10-7027 Catalog Image

Replacement mats are available in case quantities of 4 mats/case-60 sheets/mat.

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All-In-One Portable Tacky Mat

Item Number: 10-2100 Catalog Image

Liberty offers a portable entrance mat designed to remove small dirt particles and dust from shoes. When the top sheet is dirty, simply peel off and throw away. Refills are easy to install and available in 60 sheets. Frame and mat have a total thickness of 1/4". Frame is constructed of ehite hi-impact polystyrene w/ a non slip backing adhered to the back of the frame. This makes it easy to use the product in and application and can easily be picked up and moved. The mat size is 24"x30".

Replacement Sheets also available on this site.


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Tacky Mat

Item Number: 800030FW Catalog Image

Get maximum protection with the Tacky Mat for foot borne contamination. Each sheet has a strong adhesive coating that removes dirt on contact. The 10-7005 provides the most economical way to meet cleanroom needs.

Several years ago, Eastman-Kodak performed a study on the efficacy of Tacky Mats® and found that a person stepping one time on a Tacky Mat® will remove approximately 55% of the friable, or potentially airborne, particulates from the bottom of the shoe. If the individual steps on the Tacky Mat® five times, as much as 95% of the friable particulate will be removed.

This product protects sanitary conditions in cleanroom areas. Each mat consists of 30 disposable sheets. When the top sheet becomes soiled, simply peel off to expose a new, clean surface. Tacky Mat® installs in seconds and can last up to weeks at a time depending on the amount of traffic. No frame is required; adhesive strips stick or full width backing adhere the Tacky Mat® in place on the floor.

Tacky Mats® are specified in a variety of applications, including semiconductors, nuclear, pharmaceutical, electronic devices, computer, aerospace, biotechnology, laser optics, medical devices, plastic/rubber, automotive, defense contractors, food processing, biologicals, university laboratories and hospitals.

Tacky Mats® are available in a variety of sizes (up to 3' x 5') and colors. Mats may be either 30 sheets per mat or 60 sheets per mat and are shipped as either 120 or 240 sheets per case.

Tacky Mat® is a registered trademark of LIBERTY INDUSTRIES.

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ESD Ortho Mat

Item Number: ESD Ortho Mat Catalog Image

This product was designed for protection against Electro-Static Discharge.   The rubber mat is conductive for a rapid discharge to ground.  These anti-fatigue mats are scientifically and ergonomically designed to reduce strains, pains, and worker's compensation claims related to prolonged standing.

These private label Ortho ESD mats are of the highest quality in the industry.  These mats will deliver increased efficiency and reduce injury.  This orthopedic wonder is a high performance mat for higher performance stand up workers.

This mat features:

  • Closed cell non absorbent
  • Resistance point to point,...5x105 OHMS
  • Charge decay time, 5000 Volts to 100 Volts....<0.01 seconds

This product will benefit your company through:

  • Promoting employee wellness
  • Immediate increase in productivity and employee morale due to work place comfort
  • Reducing spinal compression, increases circulation
  • Non-allergenic, latex and silicone free
  • Complete with safety bevel

Custom shapes and sizes are available if needed.  Please contact Indoff for further information on this product.


Comfort Matta Closed Config

Item Number: CMCB1

Closed Mat closedmatta

Comfort Matta safety surfacing provides a safe and comfortable standing work surface.  This system minimizes the health hazards, such as foot and leg muscle strain, back pain, varicose minimizes, and fatigue associated with standing on hard cold surfaces.

  • Excellent ergonomic and anti-fatigue qualities
  • Easy to Clean
  • Unique interlocking design
  • Rugged and durable construction designed for the commercial and industrial workplace
  • Safety Yellow edge ramps and mitered.
  • Available closed configurations
  • Comfort Matta is suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -22°F to 184ºF

Comfort Matta Closed can be used for any dry application from in front of workbenches and presses, to assembly lines as long as football fields.  Comfort Matta is easily installed, and provides unsurpassed comfort and durability making it a sound investment for years to come.

Product Specifications:

  • Product:CMCB1
  • Dimensions:20"x20"
  • Thickness: 1"
  • Weight 7.7 lbs
  • Color: Black
  • Material: PVC
  • Shore Hardness: 78
  • Temperature Variation:-22º TO 140ºF
  • Interlocking Connection: 5 Lug
  • Average Coefficient of Friction ASTM E303-93 (Reproved 1998):35 Wet/ 35 Dry
  • ADA Compliance ASTM F 1951-99: 78
  • Ultra Violet Stabilized: Yes
  • Fire Exposure Test: PASSED 
  • Case Quantity 10/Case

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