Shoe Cleaner (Heavy Duty)

Item Number: 2010sc Catalog Image

The automatic sensor unit activates the shoe brush machine with the foot is placed in the opening. The unit incorporates a 99.99% efficient HEPA filter exhaust system that prevents particles from reentering the surrounding area and captures heavy contaminants in a convenient pull out drawer.

The unit is self contained with a built in vacuum system; a timing belt drive between the gear motor and bottom brush assembly.

- Totally enclosed fan cooled gear motor
- Round belt drive for the top brush
- Four motor driven brushes
- Floating, weight loaded, top brush
- Stainless steel base plate
- Dirty HEPA filter warning light
- Positive, easily adjustable time belt tension
- Easily removable dust drawer and contamination bag
- Easily removable filter
- Heavy duty construction
- Operating noise with blower, vacuum and gear motor is 55 dba
- Water resistant
- 7’ power cord
- 120v/60HZ
- 18 ½” x 28” x 39”
- 135 lbs. Ship weight

The 2010 SC unit comes with a special energy conserving switch that activates the unit. The motor shuts off automatically when the foot is removed from the unit. No other shoe cleaning machine available offer such power, cleaning ability and convenience.

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Cleanstat Spray Buff

Item Number: Cleanstat Spray Buff Catalog Image

Indoff and Botron recommend that you develop a floor care program.  A very important part of a static control floor program is to use Spray Buffing to remove marks and keep your floor in a dissipative range.  Heavy to moderate areas should be done weekly.  It not only improves your dissipative properties, but gives you a high gloss.

*Never Spray a dirty floor*
Please contact Indoff with any further questions on this and other Botron floor care products.

Cleanstat ESD Floor Cleaner

Item Number: Cleanstat ESD Floor Cleaner Catalog Image

Botron recommends their B8300 series Cleanstat concentrated floor cleaner.  This concentrated floor cleaner will rejuvenate and improve your static dissipative floor system.  It will improve other types of floor surfaces, like tile and epoxy.  Coverage when diluted 10-1 ratio is over 2000 sqft.

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Bull Dog Shoe Cleaner (Industrial Heavy Duty)

Item Number: 20-2340 Catalog Image

This unit is specifically designed to clean shoes where employees or visitors enter into your office, warehouse, or work area directly from outside or from a dirty work area.  The unit  is designed to handle all types of dirt such as mud, leaves, grass clippings, slush or sand.  Used properly the Bull Dog could significantly reduce your annual maintenance costs for high traffic areas where dirt is a concern and will enable you to protect your expensive floors and carpets from damage.  Unit must be placed indoors in a hall or entryway.  The unit cannot be placed outside; meant for indoor use only. 

-    Designed for cleaning large construction boots and shoes.
-    ¼ horsepower 115V/60hz single phase motor
-    Total power requirement including vacuum is 12.4 amps
-    Shoe Brush (5.4 amps) Vacuum (7.0 amps)
-    System protected by a 15-amp breaker
-    16 gauge stainless steel housing
-    A user operated push button switch turns on the machine when depressed  and shuts the system down when released.  The vacuum should be plugged directly into the Bull Dog and will be activated when push button is used.
-    Shafts are carbon steel electroless nickel-plated design to reduce corrosion
-    Easy installation, plug into a standard 115V/60hz single phase outlet
-    Rotating heavy duty nylon brushes for cleaning (non abrasive)
-    User can perform preventative maintenance
-    System comes with a 6’ power cord ready to plug in
-    Size: 16”Wx21”Lx44”H
-    Unit is shipped with Operations Manual and complete parts list
-    Warranty: One year from date of invoice against defective workmanship and all parts except belts and brushes


Option #1  #AS-10 Hepa Vacuum (includes one bag)
........add$ 715.00 each
(Item code: 20-2409     one week lead time)

Option #2  #610W Wet/Dry Vacuum with hose, Non-Hepa....add$ 732.00 each 

(Item code: 20-2344 four week lead time)