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You shouldn't have to pay for other people's mistakes. Botron prides itself in Quality Control Management. Are You Wasting Your Money with Other Static Control Product Manufacturers? Ask yourself "How often have I been charged for drop ships?" or "If this isn't the right product for me, will I pay a restocking fee?" or "Do I need to place a large minimum order just to get the few pieces my company needs?" Here at Botron, the answer to all of those questions is "no". Our static control mat and ESD heelgrounders and anti-static wrist straps are manufactured with value in mind. At Botron, we take pride in our ESD products and we take pride in our service, and we believe you will too if you choose Botron ESD components or static control products.

Botron ESD and Static Control; Static Solutions with Savings

Botron is an established ESD manufacturer with many advantages over larger ESD product companies and many advantages over mom and pop anti-static shops. Since we have been an established static control product manufacturer for years we understand the business, and we understand what your business needs. We cater to the largest wholesalers, and also smaller operations, and each gets the same personalized service and high quality static control products. Since we manufacture our own ESD components at our own plant, we can offer savings and custom products that even the largest static control product sources can not. The savings are substantial, and the products are the best of the best.
Botron's Products are F.O.B. AZ 


Item Number: B8563 Catalog Image

The Botron Auditing Test Kits come with all components needed to make tests on all surfaces accurate and simple.  All components are packaged in a high quality die cut foam lined case.  The B8563 Auditing Test Kits comply with the intent of ANSI/ESD Standard 4.1 for work surfaces and standard 7.1 floor materials.  The auditing meter tests surface to surface and surface to ground at 10 volts and 100 volts.  Two 5 lbs. weights, test leads, and cases are included.  Color-coded and number scales for easy verification of any surface.

Please contact Indoff for further information on this and other Botron Test Equipment products.


Lead Free Tape

Item Number: 1600GS Lead Free Tape Catalog Image

Lead Free Green Tape

Features: Easy to identify ESD safe cellulose tape. Available on 3″ cores in widths of 1/2″(72 per case), 3/4″(48 per case) and 1″(36 per case) 72 YDS long. Clear with green stripes helps alert employees the contents are Lead-free.

Sold in cases,priced per roll.

Please contact Indoff for further information on this and other Lead Free products.


Colored striped antistatic tape. 1"x72 YDS. 3"core

Item Number: B1613 Colored striped antistatic tape Catalog Image

ESD Safe cellulose tapes. Striped 1" x 72YDS on 3" core.

Available in yellow, red, green and blue.

Sold 36 to a case.



3" x 54' aisle marking floor tape

Item Number: B1618M Catalog Image

Botron 3" x 54' Aisle marking floor tape.

Please contact Indoff for further information on this and other Botron marking products.



ESD Safe Jackets

Item Number: B7300 ESD Safe Jackets Catalog Image

Jacket and Smocks

Features: Non-static generating fabric
88% polyester, 12% suffused carbon material
2.25 oz. weight
<0.03 seconds per FTMS 101 C/4046 charge decay
76+ laundering durability
Standard color blue, others available.

logos can be sewn on any of Botron's apparel.

Sizes XS through XXXL

Please contact Indoff for further information on this and other Botron products. 


Static Dissipative Binders

Item Number: B7400 Static Dissipative Binders Catalog Image

ESD Safe Binders

Features: Blue static dissipative vinyl binders with printed ESD symbol on front cover. Available in 1/2″, 1″, 1.5″, 2″ and 3″ spine widths. Custom colors available (Minimum order applies).

These binders are low tribocharging, made of ESD safe vinyl. Have 3 rings for standard 8.5"x11" paper and an ESD Symbol on the side binding as well as the front cover.

An excellent way to stay well organized in you ESD safe area.

For other colors such as black, red, green or yellow there is a 100pc. minimum order per size. 

Please contact Indoff for further information on this and other Botron products.


Deluxe Dual Test Station

Item Number: B8525 Catalog Image

This Botron dual test station is the state of the art design to test all types off footwear and heel grounders.  The dual tester lets you test both feet at the same time.  Test from 900k to 35 Mohegans @9volts.

This Station:
*Allows you to test both feet at the same time
*Features both left and right LEDs
*Has no cords on the floor
*Features molded foot plates
Please contact Indoff for further information on this and other Botron products.

Combination Calibration Unit for Footwear & Wrist Testers

Item Number: B85503 Catalog Image

Botron B85503 calibration unit can test our wrist strap testers and footwear testers. See if the range falls within our units parameters.

Test Range:6680k-11meg & 680k-110meg

For further information on this and other Botron test equipment please contact Indoff.



Item Number: B8562 Catalog Image

Botron offers many types of hand held surface meters.  The new 100V B8562 is a ten light surface to surface(RTT) and surface to ground (RTG) tester.  With easy to use portableLED read-out 103-1012 ohms range.  Includes leads for surface to ground testing.

2.75"x5"x1", powered by 9 volt battery with case.

Also comes in audit kit B8562KIT.

For further information on this product as well as other Botron test equipment please contact Indoff.



Item Number: B8562KIT Catalog Image

This new LED low cost 100 volt megohm test kit comes with B8562 LED megohm tester, molded case, two test leade and two 5 lbs weights.  Not only does it test with the 5 lbs. weights, but also with the two parallel probes on the back of the unit for quick testing.

Please contact Indoff for further information on this and other Botron auditing products.